Friday, February 17, 2006

The Absurd

It wasn't right the 1st time, and it's not getting any better
"To put it simply" is never simple, and I have come to dread
.....all words
.....all smiles
.....all promises
Trust only in pain, for it never lies.
Don't trust the tears or the one who cries
Don't trust the love or the bond that dies
Don't trust the fear
It has left you here, and it's not getting any better
She'll hold on forever if I let her
But it wasn't right the 1st time
Forget the 2nd and move on to the absurd
Write it off as a mistake and take you on your word
But it's not geting any better
She wants to stay, but I won't let her
I want to play and not regret
the words I dread
A night in bed
An aching head
It isn't right
And it's not getting any better.....


Anonymous completedork33 said...

Pain lies often. Just as happiness is most often an illusion, pain is a lie. It's all a state of mind, completely.

8:59 AM  

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